Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Reactions

The following are a collection of links that contain the tears of all Patriot fans:

First we have Giselle firing off about the loss.
Next is Wes Welker reliving his drop.
A not so local company showing support for Welker. 
How his teammates got over the loss.
Some tips on how to move along in life.
Some quick quotes by the team.
New York gloating over Patriot miscues.
This is UMass after the loss. And the video of the riot.
Some other locals feeling despair.
Always a good source for tears after a Pats loss is Bill Simmons.
Other teams players' reactions.
Finally, not related at all but here is a guy who hates money but ended up winning lots of it.

Oh and Rex Ryan being prophetic (okay that one is a joke).

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