Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Our Class

We're creating this blog for our class CS 144: Ideas Behind the Web.  This blog is the start of a competition called Rank Maniac.  Working in groups, the goal of this competition is to have our website/blog have an image which is the first entry under the images tab of google when the phrase "rankmaniac 2012" is searched (without the quotes).  We have until February 15 at noon to increase our rank as much as possible.  Anyone who happens to read this if you could feature a link to this page it will increase our rank.  Also share this link with your friends and get them in on it too.  The better our rank the better our grade.

Michael, Collin, Stephen, and Jessica

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  1. No comments posted...I think the site is awesome! I don't exactly understand the purpose of some things, but I thought there needs to be at least one post!